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Thursday, 19 December 2013

MyGlove, Android glove DIY

I was so fed up with icy, numb fingers because of having to use my smart phone without gloves in the freezing cold!  I'd heard of some solutions to my problem but all I'd explored were going to cost me; AnyGlove(TM), not prepared to pay, conductive thread, not prepared to pay, conductive push pins, not prepared........ you get the point!

I looked around my home and happened upon the inside lid of a vitamin bottle (no, I don't know why I was saving it). One side of the paper is foil-like and the other looks like white plastic.
I cut strips approximately 0.5cm wide, wrapped one round my finger, and it worked so well, I sewed two into the tips of the thumb and index finger of my favourite gloves!
It looks like this.
OK, the sewing is a bit dodgy

When I had unpicked the stitches on the fingers; the seam allowances are teeny - thats my excuse!

I Made sure to leave enough foil on the inside of the glove to make contact with my skin and complete the circuit.

I've been stood at the same bus stop for nigh on an hour awaiting my bus to Pollards Hill on many a very chilly morning.
 I took them for a test run this very day. I swyped, WhatsApped and performed every other phone function I cared to, with success and warm hands as well as heart. 

I'm going to wash my gloves on friday and do a very brief 'result' post.

Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I'm Nelly the elephant. Here, try these trunkquillizers.


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Nil Embonpoint! Jerri

I had planned to try and make this dress
 using this fabric
 to be completed before 12/10/13.

But I realised that I was not going to have enough time or patience to do a decent job.  So instead, I finished this Mrs Depew vest, made out of the offcuts from the circle skirt        

 and put it together with the skirt 

 and wore the outfit complete with B.A.P (Bob the Afro Puff), the belt and a little handbag made using the scraps of the scraps.


The 18 Y O says I look kind of Anime.  I'm thinking more Jetson family! I only hope Mrs Depew approves.

More pictures

Bride and 18 Y O
 Crispy, real name something else, gave me a T-shirt and a strappy empire waist sundress and told me to make them into a dress she wanted to wear.  This is the result.

I cut the shirt to length just under the bra line, plus 2cm, cut the sun bit off the top of the dress and sewed them together with a generous 2cm seam.

'So happy with my dress; I received many complements'

Usual wedding picture
Me again.  The expression on my face? These shoes are too tight!

Crispy and the 18 Y O on a 77 bus to Clapham Junction
More soon.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

African Print(ess)

Vintage Sewing Pattern 1956 Dress PDF Plus Size (or any size)  - Pattern No 21 Jerri

 I got this dress pattern ages ago, intending to make it for a wedding.  It's Jerri21 from Embonpoint patterns on EtsyUK.
 I decided that it would be best made in an African print.   I wanted something that would kind of go with this
 £2.50, car boot sale jacket.

   I found this design

in a shop in Tooting called Sovereign Textiles, 113 Mitcham Road, SW17.
They sell a lot of their fabrics in 6, 12 and 24 yard lengths and I got this 6 yard length for £15. 

This is the beginning of my journey through an Embonpoint pattern.

Print the ruler and Pattern

I edited out the numbers
Gather supplies for cutting and sticking
Trim the printed ruler 
Print side down
cover back with Gaffer tape x 4 layers

Trim Gaffer tape
cover r.s. with clear tape, 2 layers

then I aligned the printed tape with my tape measure

I used small clips to hold the tapes firm, ready for

 Rivet Setter


It was only after I'd gone through all the palaver that I remembered that I had a stapler. Grrrr!

I'll be making two very simple skirts for two girls this weekend.  The wedding is not till October so hopefully I'm  leaving myself enough time to do a decent job.  I'll post more on the subject of this dress as it progresses,  If it progresses.


Monday, 16 September 2013

Pink and Purple

I would usually baulk a the thought of wearing pink and purple in the same outfit. Or just wearing pink or purple.  But when I saw this fabric in my local car boot sale, it looked suitably ethnic for me to make me a Mandarin collar, v-neck, short sleeved, loose, no dart, bias cut tunic.
Some pictures

I gave the shoe the meanest look I could muster

Still too tight!

It's an OK garment, not fancy or even the best fitting but I love it! I wanna make some more; one in an African fabric, one bias cut black crepe,  maybe a ponte one...........

What's black and white and makes a lot of noise?
a panda with a drumkit!